Making IntroductionsStart

Introducing other people in Catalan (informal).

There are more formal ways to intoduce people, and you may hear the verb presentar being used in more formal situations in a phrase such as M'agradaria presentar-te ... 'I'm pleased to introduce ...'.

This is my wifeAquesta és la meva dona
This is my husbandAquest és el meu marit
This is my sonAquest és el meu fill
This is my daughterAquesta és la meva filla
This is (introducing a man) ...Aquest és ...
This is (introducing a woman) ...Aquesta és ...
This is Mr SmithAquest és el senyor Smith
This is Mrs SmithAquesta és la senyora Smith


Aquest and Aquesta are Catalan demonstratives meaning 'this' or 'this one' when the object (or here person) being referred to is nearby.

As with all Catalan adjectives aquest and aquesta agree with the noun being described.

For example, Aquest is the masculine form and used with masculine objects and people such as marit 'husband' and fill 'son'.

There are also plural versions aquests aquestes used to describe groups of masculine and feminine objects (or people).

There are additional demonstratives aquell, aquella, aquells and aquelles used when referring to objects and people at a distance.

This is similar to other romance languages. Spanish, for example, uses the demonstrative este 'this one' (referring to a nearby object) and aquel 'that one' or 'that one over there'.'

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