Useful Catalan Phrases

Useful Phrases Learn

If you are visiting a Catalan speaking part of Spain (or the Balearic islands) and just want to learn a few words, then these phrases would be a good start.

Do you speak English?Parles anglès?
I don't speak CatalanNo parlo català
I don't understandNo ho entenc
What is it called in CatalanCom es diu això en català?
My name is ...Em dic ...
How are you?Com estàs?
Fine and you?Bé, i tu?
How much is it?Quin preu té?

Learning phrases on their own will take you a long way, and is certainly appreciated.

First words, and numbers are always useful.

But if you want to progress in the language, you also need to start making your own sentences.

The basic grammar and associated tests will help with this.