Catalan grammar

This reference grammar mainly includes general rules based on the Pareto principle. It is not complete and does not cover all exceptions, but is enough to understand how many simple Catalan sentences are constructed...

ArticlesDefinite and indefinite
Modal verbsThe verbs can, want, must
Plurals (nouns)How to make nouns plural
Possessive adjectivesPossessive (adjectives)
QuestionsAsking questions
Ser or estarUsing ser and estar - to be
Verbs (irregular)Verbs (irregular)
Verbs (regular)Verbs (regular)

A basic reference grammar

This grammar is based on the Pareto principle. In other words it focused on the twenty percent of grammar which covers eight percent of the spoken language.

To speak well you need to learn the exceptions to the general rules, but when you are starting to learn a language these are unnecessary and confusing.

Easy Catalan is aimed at beginners and people who want to get started with Catalan. If you are intermediate or above or want to understand the various exceptions, you will need a much more complete grammar.

The grammar described covers the most important points needed to make simple sentences.