Catalan grammar. Negation

Negation Start

Negation in Catalan in the simplest sense uses no no.

The following simple examples illustrate negation in Catalan using both positive and negative statements.

I speak CatalanParlo català
I don't speak CatalanNo parlo català
I understandHo entenc
I don't understandNo ho entenc
He is marriedEll està casat
He is not marriedEll no està casat
The house is redLa casa és vermella
The house is not redLa casa no és vermella
This is my houseAixò és casa meva
This is not my houseAixò no és casa meva
The garden is largeEl jardí és gran
The garden is not largeEl jardí no és gran
I am hungryTinc gana
I am not hungryNo tinc gana
I am thirstyTinc set
I am not thirstyNo tinc set
We live in FranceVivim a França
We don't live in FranceNo vivim a França
I see the catVeig el gat
I don't see the catNo veig el gat

As well as illustrating the use of no in Catalan sentences, these examples use a variety of simple grammatical constructions and show the use of some irregular verbs.