Days of the week Learn

Learn the Catalan days in this first lesson and look at the picture to see why they are important to know!


Examples Learn

A few examples using the days (which do not start with a capital in Catalan).

A common theme on this website, because it aims to be practical is that the sentences all use simple but useful grammatical constructions.

In particular, On such and such a day ... is a useful sentence.

Yesterday was SundayAhir era diumenge
Tomorrow is MondayDemà serà dilluns
Today is TuesdayAvui és dimarts
Yesterday was WednesdayAhir era dimecres
Tomorrow is SaturdayDemà serà dissabte
Today is ThursdayAvui és dijous
On Sunday, my friends visited my houseDiumenge els meus amics van venir a casa meva
On Monday, we went to the cinemaDilluns vam anar al cinema
Last thursday my parents came to visitDijous passat els meus pares van venir de visita

Road signs in Catalan

I was in Palma, and I took this picture.

Although not everyone speaks Catalan (and a sizeable minority speak Spanish) the sign is only in Catalan, and there was not an equivalent in Spanish to be seen.

If you happen to have a car, it is quite useful to know what it means.

So, go learn the days of the week, and don't get fined.

This notice is a reminder that Catalan is being spoken all around you. Anyone can forget this as a visitor. It is easy to visit Mallorca, speak in Spanish (or English, German or Polish) and not even realize (or know) that there is another language being lived all around you.