Fer 'to do, make'

The irregular Catalan verb fer means 'to do', 'to make' or 'to play'.

It has a wide range of uses, from talking about the weather, to taking pictures and practicing sport. See below for examples.

Present. Tense

I doFaig
You doFas
He doesFa
We doFem
You doFeu
They doFan

Imperfect. Tense

I was doingfeia
You were doingfeies
He was doingfeia
We were doingfeiem
You were doingfeieu
They were doingfeien

Examples. Start

Examples showing some of the (many) uses of fer. Catalan speakers 'make' sport, pictures and the weather.

Do you practice sport?Fas esport?
Why are you late?Per què fas tard?
What is the weather like?Quin temps fa?
What do you do?Què fas?
She is happy because it is sunnyElla està feliç perquè fa sol
She played CinderellaFaig de Ventafocs
I'm a taxi driverFaig de taxista
You are a taxi driverFas de taxista
It's good weatherFa bon temps