Catalan food words

Food Start

Catalan words relating to food. Test yourself on all the food words with the first lesson (above).

Alternatively, learn the Catalan words for fruit, vegetables and meat separately, before testing yourself on them all.

Fruit Start

the applela poma
the bananael plàtan
the cherryla cirera
the grapeel raïm
the lemonla llimona
the melonel meló
the orangela taronja
the peachel préssec
the pearla pera
the pineapplela pinya

Vegetables Start

the carrotla pastanaga
the cucumberel cogombre
the garlicl'all
the lettucel'enciam
the mushroomel xampinyó
the peael pèsol
the onionla ceba
the potatola patata
the tomatoel tomàquet

Meat Start

the baconel bacó
the beefla carn de vedella
the chickenel pollastre
the ham (cured)el pernil serrà
the ham (boiled)el pernil dolç
the lambel xai
the sausagela salsitxa
the steakel bistec
the vealla vedella