Ser 'to be

There are two verbs in Cataln with the same meaning - 'to be'. Estar and Ser. (Ésser is a synonym of ser). Ser or estar explains when each is used.

Present tense

I amsóc
You areets
He isés
We aresom
You aresou
They aresón

Past tense

I wasvaig ser
You werevas ser
He wasva ser
We werevam ser
You werevau ser
They werevan ser

Imperfect tense

I wasera
You wereeres
He wasera
We wereérem
You wereéreu
They wereeren

Some examples and uses of ser. Start

A few examples showing some of the (many) uses of ser. Ser or estar describes in detail when ser is used.

He is happyEll és feliç
She is prettyÉs bonica
They are tallSón alts
Where are youOn ets?
I am hereSóc aquí
What time is itQuina hora és?
I am from LondonSóc de Londres