Shopping phrasesStart

A few phrases to help with shopping in Catalunya and the balearics.

I want to buy ...Vull comprar ...
I'm just lookingNomés mirava
How much is it?Quin preu té?
It's too expensiveÉs massa car
Do you accept credit cards?Accepteu targetes de crèdit?
That's all, thanksAixò és tot, gràcies
It is faultyÉs defectuós
Will you change it?M'ho pots canviar?
I'd like a refundVoldria que em tornessis els diners
I would like to try this onM'agradaria emprovar-m'ho
Do you have a larger size?Tens una talla més gran?
Do you have a smaller size?Tens una talla més petita?
Do you have another colour?Tens un altre color?

Learning phrases is an easy way to learn vocabulary and also to learn how to construct new sentences.

For example, the word tens (seen in several of the phrases above) comes from the Catalan verb tenir to have and means 'you have' or 'do you have ...?'.

Many other sentences can be constructed in the same way. E.g. Tens fills? 'Do you have children?' or Tens mapa? 'Do you have a map'.