Tenir 'to have'
The Catalan irregular verb tenir 'to have' with example sentences (below).

Tenir. Present tense

I havetinc
You havetens
He has
We havetenim
You haveteniu
They havetenen

Tenir. Past tense

I hadvaig tenir
You hadvas tenir
He hadva tenir
We hadvam tenir
You hadvau tenir
They hadvan tenir

Tenir. Imperfect tense

I hadtenia
You hadtenies
He hadtenia
We hadteniem
You hadtenieu
They hadtenien

Example sentences using tenir Start lesson

A few example sentences using tenir. As well as being used in a similar way to the English, Tenir 'to have' in Catalan 'is used to describe being hungry and thirsty and saying how old you are.

Catalans 'have' thirst, hunger and years old when you look at the literal translations of the following sentences.

I am hungryTinc gana
I am thirstyTinc set
How many children do you have?Quants fills tens?
Do you have a car?Tens cotxe?
Do you have children?Tens fills?
She has blond hairTé els cabells rossos
My sister has two childrenLa meva germana té dos fills
How old are your children?Quants anys tenen els teus fills?