Time related phrases

The (periphrastic) preterite is used to describe completed actions. Actions that have taken place and are complete, and have not taken place today.

This is often seen in Catalan time related expressions. The preterite is marked in bold in the following sentences (when used).

Time related phrases Start

this weekaquesta setmana
next weekla setmana vinent
latermés tard
this morningaquest matí
this afternoonaquesta tarda
tonightaquesta nit

Time related sentences Start

I slept well last nightAhir a la nit vaig dormir
We visited our friends yesterdayAhir vam visitar els nostres amics
He read the newspaper last weekEll va llegir el diari la setmana passada
On Sunday, my friends visited my houseDiumenge els meus amics van venir a casa meva
On Monday, we went to the cinemaDilluns vam anar al cinema
Last week I went to FranceLa setmana passada vaig anar a França
Today is TuesdayAvui és dimarts
Tomorrow I have to go to workDemà he d'anar a treballar