Voler to want

The Catalan irregular verb voler to want with example sentences.

Present tense

I wantvull
You wantvols
He wantsvol
We wantvolem
You wantvoleu
They wantvolen

Past tense

I wantedvaig voler
You wantedvas voler
He wantedva voler
We wantedvam voler
You wantedvau voler
They wantedvan voler

Imperfect tense

I was wantingvolia
You were wantingvolies
He was wantingvolia
We were wantingvolíem
You were wantingvolíeu
They were wantingvolien

Some examples and uses of ser. Start

I want to go on holidayVull anar de vacances
I want to change dollars for eurosVull canviar dòlars per euros
He wants to buy a carVol comprar un cotxe
On Saturday, she wants to go shoppingDissabte ella vol anar de compres
They want to go on holidayVolen anar de vacances
I wanted to go to SpainVolia anar a Espanya
I wanted to visit my friendVolia visitar el meu amic