Catalan Phrases. The weather

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In Catalan, weather is often 'made' and literally translated fa means do or makes and is part of the present tense of the verb fer to do/make.

The Catalan fa calor translates literally as 'makes heat'. This is similar to other romance languages.

For example, the Spanish hace calor and Italian fa caldo both use equivalent verbs for do or make (which are hacer and fare respectively).

What's the weather like?Quin temps fa?
Is it going to rain?Plourà?
It's hotFa calor
It's coldFa fred
It's niceFa bon temps
It's freezingFa molt de fred
It's bad weatherFa mal temps
It's windyFa vent
It's rainyPlou
It's cloudyEstà núvo
It's snowingNeva

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